What Should You Wear As You Train in the Cold Weather?

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“There is a Beauty About Winter, That No Other Season Can Touch”

Hello Runners,

The beginning of the year is a great time to get new running shoes.  Here is a blog that I previously posted that can help you in selecting your next pair of running shoes:


As I mentioned in this post, I would consider selecting running shoes that have a wide toe box, that have minimal heel drop, and have minimal cushioning. I recently began running in a pair of Altra Torins, which has a wide toe box (these shoes look like clown shoes!) and zero drop from the heel to front of the shoe. They do have more cushioning than I would like. However, I have been very happy with them so far. There are other shoes made by other manufacturers that will meet the criteria I mentioned. So, I am by no means specifically promoting Altra.

In addition to shoes, you will need running attire. I discussed this in a previous post:


Basically, avoid cotton and use synthetic or technical fibers, keep head, hands, neck covered, and you may consider Yak Trax Ice Grippers for traction when running on snow and ice.

When running in the cold and wind, first try to avoid wind the best that you can. If you can’t avoid the wind, do your harder and faster running against the wind and your slower running with the wind. This way the cooling effect is kept short and is related to harder work, whereas recovery (slower running) can take advantage of the warmer tailwind. For out-and-back steady pace runs, start out against the wind, so that your trip home will be warmer.

Be your best self today.

Your friend and coach,



-              Daniels’ Running Formula Second Edition. Jack Daniels. Human Kinetics, Champaign, IL, 2005.


Coach Brian Hand has no ties or investments in Altra or Yak Trax and does not receive any form of compensation for mentioning Altra or Yak Trax or their products in this blog post.








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