Marathon Training 2019 Day 4: Importance of Recovery

September 9 2018 Family hike“Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.” – Thomas Dekker

Today, I slept in later than I normally do and realized that my body needed it! This relates perfectly to today’s tip on recovery. One important aspect of this is “listening to your body” and not pushing through when your are tired and/or sore, because this can lead to injury and/or getting sick.

Today, I took a scheduled day off from running and did a fairly easy walk with my dog, Zadar (in photo above from a hike last year), for ~30 minutes. After our walk I did some mobility and strengthening exercises:

  •  Leg swings forward and back with both straight and bent leg (10 repetitions of each for each leg)
  • Leg swings side-to-side with both straight and bent leg (10 repetitions of each for each leg)
  • Single-leg stand (~30 seconds for each leg))
  • Prone planks (~30 seconds)
  • Side planks (~20 seconds)
  • Supine planks (~15 seconds)
  • Clamshells (15 repetitions on each side)
  • Double leg hip bridges (10 repetitions)
  • Quadrupeds (10 repetitions on each side)
  • Toe yoga (10 repetitions times for each foot)
  • Fire hydrants (5 repetitions on each side)
  • Knee circles forward (5 repetitions for each leg)
  • Knee circles backward (5 repetitions for each leg)
  • Single-leg balance (~30 seconds for each leg)

I also spent more time with foam rolling and eccentric exercises than I usually do.

Recommendation: For beginners and those who have taken a significant amount of time off, who took the past two days off from running, I recommend an easy run of 20-30 minutes in a primarily flat area. You may want to incorporate any of the following exercises that I did, if you can properly perform.

For those who have already run 2-3 times this week, I recommend a day off from running, and you may also want to perform any of the exercises above, in which you know how to perform properly.

For everyone, I highly recommend performing cool-down exercises.

Tip of the Day: Recovery is just as important as your training runs to help you achieve your running goals. Adaptions, such as increasing the number of red blood cells and blood vessels to carry oxygen to the muscles that help you run, and the number of mitochondria, which produce the energy to contract these muscles, don’t take place when you are running. They take place when you are not running. So, you need to have recovery to facilitate these adaptations occurring to make you a better runner. There are different components to recovery including: easy run days, cross-training days, days off from training, nutrition, sleep, cool-down, etc. that are all important. I will be discussing these in more detail in future posts. However, I want to make you aware of the importance of recovery and its role in improving your running performance. Without proper recovery you increase the risk of overtraining, which can compromise your immune system and break down your body. So, you need to incorporate proper recovery into your training program.

Please let me know if you have any questions, of if I can help in any way.

Be your best self today.

Your friend and coach,












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