Marathon Training 2019 Day 17: Run Easy Runs At Conversation Pace

January 30 2019 evening sunset medium vesion“The journey is yours. Enjoy each and every step.”

Today, I did my weekly run/hike with my friend Sam in the Chautauqua area in Boulder, CO. The run/hike was for ~70 minutes, at a very easy pace since I had run the past two days and Sam had done a 7 mile trail run the night before. Throughout most of the run/hike our conversation varied from talking about running, playing music, and robots (his neighbor is an inventor trying to develop a robot). This relates to the Tip of the Day, which is on conversation pace running. After this run/hike I performed the following exercises:

  • Leg swings forward and back with both straight and bent leg (10 repetitions of each for each leg)
  • Leg swings side-to-side with both straight and bent leg (10 repetitions of each for each leg)
  • Single-leg stand (~30 seconds for each leg)
  • Prone planks (~30 seconds)
  • Side planks (~25 seconds)
  • Supine planks (~20 seconds)
  • Clamshells (20 repetitions on each side)
  • Quadrupeds (15 repetitions on each side)
  • Double leg hip bridges (10 repetitions)
  • Toe yoga (10 repetitions times for each foot)
  • Fire hydrants (10 repetitions on each side)
  • Knee circles forward (10 repetitions for each leg)
  • Knee circles backward (10 repetitions for each leg)
  • Single-leg balance (~30 seconds for each leg)

I also did one minute static stretching for the hamstrings and calves, and lacrosse ball rolling for the plantar fascia

Recommendation: Today, I recommend performing aerobic cross-training at a low to moderate intensity for 25-45 minutes.  Choose a form of aerobic cross-training that you enjoy.  After cross-training, I recommend performing the exercises above and then a cool-down.

Tip of the Day: Easy runs, like the ones you are doing in this part of your training, should be done at conversation pace.  In otherwords, you should be able to carry on a conversation during your run and not feel out of breath doing so. If you can not carry out a conversation during your easy runs, you are running too fast, slow down! So, remember this during your next easy run, and all future easy runs in your training schedule.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or if I can help in any way.

Be your best self today.

Your friend and coach,


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