Have You Set Your Running Goals for 2017? If Not, Let’s Get Started!

I have a confession to make.  I am very much a goal-oriented person.  Sometimes this drives my wife nuts.  You may or may not be a goal-oriented person.  However, I feel that if there are things you want to accomplish in life, it’s important to clearly define what they are and make a plan to achieve these.  This includes what you want to accomplish with running.  We are creatures of habit and often times, left to our own devices, we can get stuck in patterns and routines and not do what’s necessary to achieve our goals.  It can be easy to “slack off” and the next thing we know, a year is passed and we are no closer to achieving what we want in life.

Therefore, I am challenging you, if you have not already done so, to sit down and clearly define your running goals for 2017.  In defining your goals, you should also identify why these goals are important to you and what impact they will have on you when you accomplish them.

Before establishing your running goals it is important to assess what time you will have available for training.  It certainly doesn’t make sense to set goals that won’t be attainable because we don’t have the proper amount of time to train for those goals.  Therefore, I strongly recommend assessing the time you would have available for training based on the other commitments and priorities you have in your life.  This would include time for family, significant other, work and/or school, friends, community, other hobbies/interests, and sleep.  Be honest with yourself and determine realistically the amount of time you will have available for training each week.  Is it ten hours? five hours? two hours?

You also need to consider your current fitness level.  Where are you starting at?

Depending on these considerations, what is possible?  I recommend setting goals for yourself that will challenge you and be a stretch.  However, these goals should be attainable, if you dedicated yourself to their achievement.  Set yourself up for success!

Next, you should consider any barriers, or obstacles, that might stand in your way of achieving your goals.  How will you overcome these when they come up?

What will these goals mean to you when you have accomplished them?  How will you celebrate?

Finally, post your goals somewhere where you can see them every day, such as on your refrigerator, bathroom mirror, etc.

In the next article, I will discuss one obstacle that might stand in your way of achieving your running goals for 2017 and how you might prevent it from doing so…


You may want to use the following to help you set your running goals for 2017:


I have the following commitments and they will require the following number of hours per week:

  1. Family
  2. Significant other
  3. Work and/or school
  4. Friends
  5. Community
  6. Other hobbies/interests
  7. Sleep!
  8. Others


Based on these I have the following amount of time available for training each week:


Based on the amount of time I have available for training and my current fitness level my running goals for 2017 are:

  1. Have fun!


Visualization (you may want to do this a couple of days per week for 30-60 seconds):

What will you see, hear, touch, smell, and feel when you accomplish your running goals? How will you celebrate when you achieve these goals?  Be as specific as possible.




What are the potential barriers/obstacles that could impact your training and potentially prevent you from achieving your running goals for 2017:







What will it be like if you allow these potential barriers/obstacles to stand in your way of accomplishing your running goals:



What will you do to overcome these potential barriers/obstacles, so that you are successful in achieving your running goals for 2017:







Please post your questions and comments below in the comment box.


Coach Brian

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