Coaching Services

Denver Running Coach offers a money back guarantee on all coaching services, if you are not completely satisfied. Initial consultations are free.

Dr. Brian Hand offers individual services including running evaluations, customized training programs, and individual coaching sessions providing the expertise and support to help you achieve your running goals.  

Running Form Evaluation for 2022

• Videotaped stride analysis
• Assessments to identify muscle imbalances/flexibility issues

• One-mile run test to assess fitness and pacing, in addition to stride analysis

• Demonstration of proper running form by Dr. Brian Hand and opportunity to practice

• Recommended cues to improve running form based on stride analysis

• Prescribed exercises (include demonstrations and videos) to help improve running form, increase pace, and reduce injury-risk 
• Results and recommendations provided in a report and discussed by phone

• Evaluation will be help at a location convenient for you (at track or park) in Denver-Boulder area

• Session will last ~90 minutes

Cost: $299

Customized and Adapted Training Plan For 5k, 10k, Half- or Full-Marathon With Support To Achieve Your Running Goals for 2022

• Customized training plans designed based on your running goals, event, running history, fitness level, schedule and any current or past injuries

• Training plans includes critical running, core strengthening, and cross-training workouts, as well as proper warm-up and cool down exercises, to progressively improve your running performance (endurance, pace, efficiency), while minimizing injury-risk

• Training plans provided on weekly or biweekly basis depending on the level of support that works best for you

• Training plan adapted to the progress you are making on either a weekly or biweekly basis (depending on the option you choose) to maximize your performance on race day

• Support provided through email and 15-minute coaching calls (either weekly or biweekly depending on what works best for you)

• Cost: $149 per month


Individual Coaching Session for 2022

• 60 minute coaching session with Dr. Brian Hand to work on running form, speed, or other aspects of running performance
• Session to be held at a track or park in Denver-Boulder area at a location convenient for you

• Cost: $179