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“What great thing would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?” – Robert H. Schuller

Welcome to Denver Running Coach!

• What are your goals for running?

• Are you planning to run your first 5k, half or full marathon, and don’t know what to do?

• Have you run a few events and are you frustrated with your results because you are not achieving your goals. such as a specific time goal, and/or qualifying for the Boston Marathon?

• Has your training been set back because of injuries that are costing you money with the physical therapist, chiropractor, physician, and preventing you from training effectively?

• Are you confused as to how to train because you are overwhelmed by all of information available online, from books, magazines, other people you run with, so-called experts, etc.?

• Are you pressed for time because of other life commitments (family, job, etc.)?

• Or, do you have a crazy, hectic schedule that doesn’t allow you to train consistently?

Whatever your situation, Dr. Brian Hand, PhD (Exercise Physiology) provides offerings that can help you achieve your maximum performance as a runner, while minimizing the risk of injury, including:

1.  Customized training programs developed specific to your goals, fitness level, schedule, running and injury history with the opportunity for guidance and support provided through weekly coaching calls or emails.

2.  Running form evaluations to determine which improvements can be made with your running form to make you a faster runner and decrease your risk of injury.

3. Individual coaching sessions to provide guidance and address your specific running needs, including speed, pacing, strength, endurance, etc.

See Coaching Services for more details.

For more information or to set up a free consultation use the submission form below or contact Brian at brian@denverrrunningcoach.com




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Here’s what some of Brian’s runners have shared about their experience in working with him to achieve their goals:

“I highly recommend Brian as a running coach. After failing to achieve my time goal for my first three marathons, I hired Brian to coach me for my fourth marathon, based on the recommendation of my sister. Brian worked with me through four months of training leading up to the marathon. He took great care to understand my running history, overall health and fitness, history of injuries, and general constraints on training for a marathon. Every Sunday without fail, Brian sent me a specific and detailed plan for my three runs for the following week, and stretches and suggestions for what to do on non-running days (e.g. Yoga and functional training exercises). All of my runs were challenging, but not so challenging that I couldn’t do them. Brian also did a good job of “mixing up” my weekly running plans such that I never got bored, and had me doing workouts that I wouldn’t have thought of on my own (like hill sprints!) As my training progressed, he also adjusted my paces to better reflect my paces during my running workouts the week before.

I have never been a fast runner, but with Brian’s coaching, I have become MUCH faster than I was. Not only did I finally finish a marathon under my time goal, I beat my next fastest marathon time by 32 minutes! And, I was not nearly as sore after the race as I was for my first 3 marathons. After 6 days I was back to running, faster than I have ever been. Brian took all of the guesswork out of training, and infused my training with a scientific-based approach. When I decide to run my next marathon, I will definitely ask Brian to coach me again.”

Kerry Klein


“After training for my first Boston Marathon and finding out a few days before the race that I had a stress fracture I was devastated. I had to take six weeks off of running completely to allow myself time to heal. I was determined to get a qualifying time for the next year so I could actually get to run the Marathon which has always been my dream. I knew with my stress fracture history I was going to need some help, so that was where Brian came in. Brian helped me go from running 0 miles to qualifying for Boston 12 weeks later. I am happy to say that I beat my qualifying time by over ten minutes with Brian’s help. Most importantly I was able to train and run my qualifying marathon injury free. I really appreciated the weekly support. Having a coach allowed me to feel comfortable taking rest days (which I never liked to do before). He customized my training to my crazy work schedule and helped me find the necessary balance between intensity and rest. I would recommend him to any of my running friends!”

-Kelly Brown


Brook Kreder (video testimonial):


“Brian was an amazing coach!  I knew right away after my first marathon that if I ever did another I needed someone to help me train. Brian not only gave me weekly workouts but also ran with me once a month.   That was a big deal to me because I’m a bit of a cheater and lazy runner, it kept me honest about what I was actually doing.  Brian kept in mind that I had back issues and helped me work with and around that.  He also gave me great tips along the way.  My individual workouts with him he kept me motivated and knew how to keep me going.  He did a lot of listening too since I talk ALOT when I run.  Brian helped me cut 37 minutes off my marathon time, and more importantly (something no coach has ever gotten me to do) pace myself, and I ended up with negative splits.  THANK YOU 100 TIMES OVER! I would most definitely use him again and hope too.”

-Dove Larkin


“When I first started with Coach Brian I had just signed up for my first marathon but couldn’t run further than 7 miles.  He created a customized training plan that fit my schedule.  Within 5 months he had increased both my endurance and speed.  Because of the training plan he created for me, I was able to finish my race at my goal time of 3:40.  I highly recommend Brian to anyone looking for a customized approach to training, for those who want to increase speed to meet a goal, or for anyone wanting to have fun while training!”

– Maggie D


“I have always been a runner and had run 3 marathons in the past.  My husband bought me a three month package with Brian as a Christmas gift, and it ended up being the greatest gift to date.  I experienced hill repeats, track workouts, and tempo runs in a way that I had never previously disciplined myself to do.  Brian tailored a marathon training plan for me specifically, designing pace workouts, track intervals, and long runs to a “T”, taking into account my lifestyle and work schedule.  He concentrated on my form and helped me with exercises so that I was injury-free.  I just beat my best marathon time by 22 minutes, meeting my goal and qualifying for the Boston marathon.  During the race I felt great and did not hit a wall. I feel faster and fitter than I have been in 20 years of intense exercise.  This experience really changed my view of running and my own self-confidence.”

– EB


I am a 49 yo male, and I had done four marathons with a PR of 3.30.  I engaged Brian as a running coach to help me make it through a very challenging Machu Picchu marathon in Peru and then to attempt to qualify for the Boston Marathon.  Brian worked with me to understand my current situation, the amount of time that I could devote to training, and to understand my running goals.  Brian crafted very specific weekly training programs for me that included strength training, warm ups, a variety of runs for each day, and cool downs. I did not experience periodic injuries working with Brian that I had faced before.  Brian made himself available to talk to me each week to answer any questions, discuss progress and suggested changes and review the plans for the upcoming week.  I ended up coming in third in the Peru marathon, and I qualified for the Boston Marathon two weeks ago, shattering my PR in the process to 3.10.45 and beating my Boston qualifying time by 15 minutes!  I am still in shock.  I attribute much of that outperformance to working with Brian.  I highly recommend his coaching help.

– Paul
Denver, CO and Seattle, WA


“I finished my very first half marathon recently and I’m excited to say that I met my goal of finishing in 2 hours. I can attribute a lot of my success to Coach Brian. I absolutely love running, but have been plagued with injury and never thought I could run farther than 5-10Ks. I thought a running coach would be the best way to achieve my goal of finishing a half marathon, injury free. I spent a few weeks looking at coaches, and after talking with Coach Brian on the phone for an initial consult, I knew he was the one. He listened intently to my goals, asked great questions, and customized a plan that fit perfectly with my work and family time. Coach helped me with my confidence in running longer distance, helped me figure out the best way to hydrate and fuel, helped me adopt proper running form, and I was able to stay injury free for the duration of my training! This is coming from a guy who’s been sidelined with IT band, achilles’ tendonitis, shin splints, and a sprained ankle (all from running). I was discouraged from all of the injuries and thought I was forever locked in to only running 5-6 miles or less. Boy was I wrong! I needed someone who would listen intently to my training week, and make adjustments based upon how I was feeling and progressing. Coach Brian did just that. He encouraged me every step of the way, and I was held accountable to my training regimin. And a huge perk? I got faster! I can run the mile a whole minute faster now than when I started on day 1! Thanks Coach for mixing it up with cross training, tempo runs, hill sprints, strides, ladders, and track intervals! I am hugely happy with the experience and with all that Coach Brian helped bring to the table. Thanks Coach!!”

-Forrest Burris


“I initially met Brian when I joined the training group for the Baltimore 10miler.  His support and training techniques were GREAT!  I found myself passing exhausted runners on the last 2 miles UPHILL to the finish!  All thanks to his training & prepping us for those nice hills at the end.  When I decided to attempt my first triathlon, my first thought was, “Call Brian!”.  He set up a cross training plan, took into account my injuries and limitations on running and created a plan that fit me perfectly.  He walked me through transitions and answered all the crazy questions I had about how to get in/out of a wetsuit, what to wear, how/when to fuel & how to get off the bike with “jello legs” & still get to the transition area in one piece.  He helped ease my anxiety about the race and let me know what to expect.  My first triathlon was a success.  #1 I finished.  #2 I finished under my goal time.  and #3 I’ve signed up for another one this coming summer!!!  I look forward to my next race and working with Brian again to help me meet and exceed my next set of goals!”

-Elysia Roser


“I came to Brian with one goal: To learn to run long distance without getting hurt. Three months later I ran my first half marathon with confidence and without hitting that “wall” we all hear so much about.  I also did it faster than I ever imagined. He taught me to pace myself and push myself at the same time, all while keeping my main goal in mind. My love of running will never again be stifled by my fear of injury, thanks to Brian. “

– Miranda Walker


“I can’t speak highly enough of Brian. I’ve run off and on for most of my adult life, but rarely more than 3 miles at a clip. I had never “trained” for a run. This summer I decided to sign up for the Baltimore Half Marathon and asked Brian to help me reach my goal of just finishing the race. Brian developed a personalized training plan that pushed me further each week, but in a way that didn’t burn me out. Soon I became accustomed to the world of “intervals”, “tempo” runs, “ladders,” etc., and was amazed at how quickly my endurance and confidence increased. Not only did I finish the Half, but I did so in a time I never thought possible. Brian is of course well credentialed as a running coach. But what elevates Brian in my view is his relaxed yet confident and supportive demeanor. Unlike many of today’s overbearing “go-getter” trainers and coaches, Brian recognizes that, for most of us, running is but one aspect of an otherwise active life, and therefore it should be enjoyable and rewarding—not a chore.  With this philosophy, it doesn’t matter if you’re an accomplished runner, a novice, or you’ve just decided to get off the couch. Brian will get you to the next level, and beyond—and you will enjoy it.”
– Eric Harlan


“I have been a runner for over 40 years. I have run marathons, half’s, 10Ks, you name it. Over the last 10 years, however, my times have been getting progressively slower. I knew what to do but it just wasn’t having an impact. After one month of training with Brian, I just ran a 5K in my fastest time in 10 years. Six weeks later, I ran a half-marathon hoping to improve my time by 15 minutes. I ran across the finish line with a huge smile on my face – I had beaten my last half-marathon time by a full 25 minutes!!
I’m not looking to win any age group awards, I just want to get my t-shirt and get across the finish line before the bagels are gone. But, Brian treats me with the same respect as a 5 minute miler. With his expertise, he keeps me accountable and on track in a non aggressive way. His program is tailored to my strengths and weaknesses, and, it works!”

– Mary Beth Winkeljohn


“Coach Brian has helped me improve my run significantly going into my second tri season. With a rehabilitated right foot from the very common plantar fasciitis that affects many triathletes, prone to injury, and until recently, being an “all or nothing” kind of gal, I could have easily left myself high and dry by the time Hammerman rolled into focus in October. Foaming at the bit and winning smaller 5K’s for my age group in the spring, Brian compelled me to slow down and to constantly stretch and never “take more from the account” than I could ensure would be “put back in” come race morning. Of course I balked initially; yet indeed, I paid dearly going against him, doing Iron Girl too soon after hard hill work in Carroll County, and thereby having, for me, a relatively snail-like run for IG, which didn’t have to happen, had I listened to Brian. Immediately after that his wisdom suddenly burst into my consciousness (imagine!), and fully taking his advice, I settled into a tapering mode that allowed me to take 2nd for my age group at Hammerman and to win on the bike. Brian knows what he is doing. (By the way, you may not know this, but he is an amazing and accomplished cyclist as well: you really get the “two-for-one” with him!) He also knows exactly how to help beginning triathletes become very comfortable with T2, putting together good, solid, but not overwhelming bricks that are the building blocks of success for any triathlon. I recommend him highly to any beginning triathlete.”

– Lorianne Bartlett




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